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The Jonsteen Company

The Jonsteen Company | Nasturtium | Flower Seed Grow Kit

The Jonsteen Company | Nasturtium | Flower Seed Grow Kit

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You can live pretty much anywhere from Antarctica to the subtropics and still grow and enjoy nasturtiums!

With the ability to thrive across vastly different climates, Tropaeolum majus (better known as common or garden nasturtium), brings its unique beauty to yards, trellises, and planter boxes from areas with punishing, near arctic-level winter temperatures (-50°F) to regions at the opposite extreme, in the warmest range of all growing zones. This amazing flexibility is just the beginning of the many commendable qualities of the humble nasturtium.

There are more than 200 nasturtium seeds included in this Grow Kit. That is enough seed to plant an area of roughly 225-square feet.

Made in United States of America

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