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The Loomia

The Loomia | Apollonia 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

The Loomia | Apollonia 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

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The Apollonia towel epitomizes a simple yet elegant design. On a natural beige background, a black stripe alternates with vertical rainbow stitch stripes that run the length of the towel. Multicolored eyelash tassels run along the top and bottom edges.

The Mediterranean influence of Apollonia is undeniable. This towel is incredibly lightweight, and suited to a multitude of uses: as an outdoor or indoor towel, a sarong, a fashion scarf or sun wrap, even a light blanket for a baby to lie in the grass. Apollonia is a Turkish towel for each and every day.


Oversized bath towel - 35" x 74"

100% Turkish cotton

Lightweight towel

Water absorbent  

Dries quickly, cutting down on laundry time

It becomes softer and more absorbent with every wash

Multi-purpose towels: Bath Towel, Sarong, Beach Blanket



Wash your Peshtemal Turkish towels at a cold temperature. We recommend that you hang them to dry. Never use bleach or fabric softener. If ironing your Turkish Towels, we recommend no more than a warm setting. Do not dry clean. By following these instructions, your towels will become softer, more absorbent, stronger and long-lasting!


*Please note that our Turkish towels may slightly vary in size, weight, and color. They may also have wrinkles and tiny blemishes due to the natural fibers, which makes them unique.

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