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Wild Cherry Spoon Co.

Wild Cherry Spoon Co. | Rice Paddle

Wild Cherry Spoon Co. | Rice Paddle

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This short handle, wide bowl, yet shallow spoon is so versatile you won't have to switch utensils whole cooking. Of course, you do not have to use this only for cooking could use it for virtually kind of cooking that did not require a deep bowl for scooping.

Available in cherry

How it's made:

All of their items start off as a plank of pre-fallen urban lumber from yards and parks which are harvested from trees that fell due to storms, disease, fire, etc. They then saw it, carve it, and finish sand it to a smooth texture and finish it with their high-quality, food grade spoonbutta olive oil and beeswax blend.

How to care for it:

Handwash only, may use warm water and dish soap, dry as soon as you can afterwards and apply a high-quality food grade oil, such as olive oil. 


• Made in United States • Weight: 5.3 oz

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